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Don’t worry about permanently ruining your friendship.In time, a true friend will realize that you were acting in his or her best interests.—Psalm 141:5. Of course, not all secrecy surrounding dating involves deception.Jessica explained that as one of Jehovah’s Witnesses, she wouldn’t be allowed to date someone who wasn’t of her faith. “He asked, ‘Why can’t we just date behind your parents’ backs?’” IF SOMEONE were attracted to made such a suggestion, how would you respond?James says: “Once, a group of us were invited to meet at a location, only to discover that the whole thing had been set up so that two in the group could be together.We were told to keep it a secret.” Frequently, as James points out, secret dating is carried on with the cooperation of friends. “I was cautious not to tell any lies other than those related to my dating so that I would not lose my parents’ trust.” Do you intend to marry the person reasonably soon?

“I cried every day for several weeks.” Yet, Jessica knew that she loved Jehovah. ● If you knew that a friend was dating secretly, how would you deal with the situation, and why would you choose to do it that way? Yes, going back to school and seeing that boy every day was hard.

You might be surprised to learn that Jessica agreed to Jeremy’s plan. First, let’s see how some get caught in the snare of secret dating.

“I was convinced that if I dated him, I could make him learn to love Jehovah,” she says. Why They Do It Why do some date their parents would not approve, so they don’t tell them.” Jane points out another possibility. “If you feel that you’re not being treated like the young adult you think you are, you decide that you’re going to do what you want and just not tell your parents.” Can you think of any other reasons why some might be tempted to date secretly? ․․․․․ Of course, you realize that the Bible commands you to obey your parents.

● I’m attracted to someone who doesn’t share my faith.

● I would like to go out with a fellow Christian, even though I’m too young to marry.

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